William Sikström – Running out of time
Release: 15-12-2017
Label: Self released

William was born in Sweden into a Christian family.  His father and brother had a great passion for American music.
In a self-taught way for the most part, he developed the same passion for the instrument his family practiced and later with clear gifts after the passing of the years,
he studied music to build the skills that help him this day (adding guitar, keyboards and drums).

In 2015 he released his debut album “I Will Be Waiting” that left great impressions on the westcoast scene.
Now he’s back with his 2nd album “Running out of time” , an album full of smooth westcoast songs on where he combines elements of different other styles like Jazz and early 90’s motown.
The production is again crystal clear.  William has a very charismatic voice and sings with so much passion that he lifts the songs to an ever higher level of perfection !

You can watch a teaser video of the album here !


01. It’s not my style
02. This time
03. Ends with you and me
04. Running out of time
05. Better to love (Ft. Rakel Sikström)
06. Shoot the moon (Ft. Adrian Emilsson & Victor Brännström)
07. Never too late (Ft. Henrik Hansson)
08. You will never
09. I won’t stop

You can buy the digital album on I-tunes !  For those who rather have the physical version , just send e-mail to William !

Facebook page.