Thanks to Street Symphonies records and Atomic stuff promotion I got this debut album by Viana for listening !

Viana is a brand new melodic rock project that was formed by the Italian guitarist Stefano Viana.

His name is totaly new to me (and maybe for many of you also). Stefano Viana takes up the guitar at age of 16, when the glorious 80s Hard Rock was at its highest splendor.
Influenced by artists just like Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Ozzy Osbourne and Y&T, Stefano started recording his first songs in 1996 fascinated by recordings process techniques.
He self-produced two unreleased Cds and, during the works on the second one, he met Alessandro Del Vecchio, asking him to get inolved in the production of his first official solo album.
They already started working on the album back in 2009 but due to personal problems Stefano was forced to keep everything on stand by so he could give priority to his family issues !
They started working on the album again in april 2016 , and with Alessandro’s skills as a songwriter and producer then very quickly they had 10 captivating rock songs !
Besides Alessandro Stefano got the help from some of the finest musicians on the italian scene !
Francesco Marras (Revolution Road, Moonland) on guitar, Anna Portalupi (Hardline, Chasing Violets, etc.) on bass and Alessandro Mori (Midnite Sun, Kelly Keeling, Issa, etc.) on drums,
Gabriele Gozzi (Rhyme, Skill In Veins, Killer Klown) on backing vocals and Pasquale India on keyboards on his homonymous debut album.

Viana plays melodic hardrock with some influences from AOR and even blues ! It’s not a totally guitar driven album (and that’s a good thing) but all 10 songs are well crafted with lots of catchy pieces !
With the intro on the first song Stefano shows immediatly his potential as a guitar player but what strikes me the most to be honnest is Alessandro’s voice !!
I already knew he could sing but here he really shines !
There are besides the rocking songs also a few (power) ballads on the album like “Feel your love tonight” and “Follow the dawn”
“A new love” is for me one of the best songs on the album , very catchy and again Alessandro at his best !
With the last song I have my doubts a bit. Don’t get me wrong it’s a very nice track but even after a few spins I still have mixed feelings.

Overall a very nice debut album that should please all fans of melodic guitar driven music !
Maybe a bit more variation on a next album and no more than 2 ballads or so but for me things are looking very good for the future of Viana.
Stefano has a good start with this debut and I’m sure he has much more where this came from.


1. Straight Between Our Hearts
2. Bad Signs
3. Feel Your Love Tonight
4. Night of Fire
5. Follow the Dawn
6. A New Love
7. Living a Lie
8. Just to Sing
9. Open Road
10. That Place Is You