Sonic Prophecy – Savage gods
Release: 19-01-2018
Label: Rockshots records

Sonic Prophecy was formed officially in 2008. They wanted to capture the excitement and sound of such bands as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween, Hammerfall,
and Kamelot while melding other musical styles, arriving at a sound all their own.
Sonic Prophecy takes influences from the great old gods of the Pantheon of Heavy Metal !
Their aim…to join their inspirations on those giddy Olympian heights and bring the glory of heavy metal down to Earth.
Sonic Prophecy describes their music as, “thematic power-infused heavy metal.”

The band has released two fine well-received albums so far: “A Divine Act of War” and “Apocalyptic Promenade”, and now prepare to unleash their third,
“Savage Gods” via Rockshots records on January 18th.
This album builds on the firm foundations created by its predecessors but expands Sonic Prophecy’s sound into further realms musically and lyrically.

You can watch the video for the song “Unholy blood” here !


1. Savage Gods (6:44)
2. Night Terror (5:38)
3. Unholy Blood (5:13)
4. Dreaming Of The Storm (4:55)
5. Man The Guns (5:04)
6. Walk Through The Fire (7:09)
7. A Prayer Before Battle (5:46)
8. Iron Clad Heart (5:24)
9. Man and Machine (6:44)
10. Chasing The Horizon (6:14)

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