Moritz – About time too
Release: 31-07-2017 
Label: Shadows of a dream

Moritz was formed in early 1986 in London. The simple aim was crafting quality AOR rock. A fantastic set of songs was quickly worked up.
By late ‘86 they were playing the first of two now legendary Marquee shows in London’s West End. The line-up comprising of Mike Nolan and Greg Hart on guitars,
Ian Edwards on bass, Andy Stewart on Keyboards, John Metcalfe on drums was augmented by vocalist Steve Annetts who departed from the ranks in early 1987.

The band was joined by vocalist Peter Scallan (ex-Laurence Archer’s Secrets), who had originally auditioned for Moritz before Steve Annetts but opted to join LA Secrets.
A second sold out Marquee show quickly followed in July 1987. The band also recorded the now highly collectable 12” vinyl Shadows of a Dream EP.
Unfortunately, the band did not secure a major record deal and after a few line-up changes the band reluctantly folded in 1988.
Peter joined Samson and recorded the album Refugee. Hart, Edwards and Stewart formed the AOR outfit “If Only”. 

Now 2017 Moritz is back with a new line up and a new album “About time too” !
The band has recorded all the material for the new album over the last few years and is now ready to present it to the big public !

Watch the video for “You don’t know what love is” here !


1. About Time Too (Intro)
2. One More Beautiful Day
3. To The Moon and Back
4. Chance Of A Lifetime
5. Dreamland
6. Forever Is
7. Take It On The Chin
8. Run
9. Love Long Gone
10. Own Little World
11. You Don’t Know What Love Is
12. There’s Something About (Intro)
13. Unwanted Man

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