Thundermother is a name that’s been in the hard rock / metal scene for eight years. In those years, the line-up has already been adjusted several times.
They surprised me as the opening band on Alcatraz festival in Belgium 2016 (around the terrible early 11:30 am).
Notwithstanding the then still limited attendance and the varying reactions afterwards, the ladies left me with pleasant (not only visual) memories.
The AC/DC party feeling was never far away in their rock songs. When I found out that new material would soon be released, I was wondering if my expectations would be fulfilled again.

The threatening opener “Revival” sets the standards high already. The riffs remind me, also this time, of AC/DC  who plays the same rock ‘n roll style.
And from this first track on we’re off  for a hellish ride with decibels that hardly diminishes in speed and enthusiasm.
Their rarity is rarely deviated from. So do not expect any extras, but at least you know what you will get. And they do that with style.
For example, “Whatever”, “Survival Song” & “Racing On Mainstreet” are up-tempo rockers who exude the same blissful dynamics.
Halfway through the album a slow brake for “Fire In The Rain” and “Hanging At My Door”, to let the guitar driven riffs pop up again in “Rip Your Heart Out” and “Quitter”.
The band plays songs with a high sing-along content such as “We Fight For Rock N Roll”.
“Follow Your Heart” is a ballad with a powerful end. We get a nice ending on the album thanks to the bluesy “Will not Back Down”.

Thundermother overflows with their rock ‘n roll content and reinforces my idea that they are actually a cross-pollination of AC/DC meets Doro.
It’s not all innovative and new but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.
Thundermother does not reinvent itself, but does what they have always been good at: they play full throttle hard rock. You get what you new you would get , nothing more, nothing less.
In fact, I can be very brief about this release ; you get about 45 minutes of infectious old school hard rock. If you want Rock ‘n Roll well here you get it !

Tracklist:                                                                                                                 2018 Line up:

01. Revival                                                                                                                       Vocals: Guernica Mancini
02. Whatever                                                                                                                  Guitar: Filippa Nässil
03. Survival Song                                                                                                           Drums: Emlee Johansson
04. Racing on Mainstreet                                                                                             Bass: Sara Pettersson
05. Fire in the Rain
06. Hanging at my Door
07. Rip Your Heart Out
08. The Original Sin
09. Quitter
10. We Fight for Rock N Roll
11. Follow Your Heart
12. Children on the Rampage
13. Won’t Back Down

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Review by Andy G. Maelstaf !