Temperance – Maschere A Night At The Theater
Release: 08-09-2017
Label: Scarlet records

Temperance captured an outstanding performance in the picturesque setting of Teatro Sociale in Alba, Italy, a theatre show which marks an important milestone in their fast rising career, following the release of the critically acclaimed third album “The Earth Embraces Us All”, a European tour with Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody and shows with the likes of Nightwish,
Epica and many others, for over a total of 100 concerts in 3 years.

This is how guitarist Marco Pastorino commented: A live Dvd is a milestone for every band and we are releasing it pretty early on in our career, its like a dream come true.
Since the moment we started this band we’ve always thought that writing songs that one day could be performed with a string quartet and a choir would be our goal.
And here we are playing with these amazing musicians! We worked really hard to get here and we see this as a new starting point for the band.
With this new release we also took the chance to present our new drummer Alfonso Mocerino (from the classic Italian Progressive band Il Balletto Di Bronzo) to our fans !
His drumming on this Dvd is out of this world !

Watch to the official video for the song “Breathe” here !


1. A Thousand Places
2. At The Edge Of Space
3.Unspoken Words
4. Empty Lines
5. Maschere
6. Haze
7. Fragments Of Life
8. Revolution / Drum solo
9. Advice From A Caterpillar
10. Change The Rhyme
11. The Restless Ride
12. Oblivion
13. Hero
14. Bass solo
15. Mr. White
16. Me Myself & I
17. Breathe
18. Save Me
19. Deja Vu

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