Finally, after some major setbacks with the Cd production (read article also here on site), the long awaited new album of one of the main names of Brazilian Heavy Metal !
I present to you “Tchandala”  The band was formed in 1996 in the city of Aracaju, state of Sergipe and has five official records, the first work was released back in 1998 !
The demo entitled “The Beginning” and the second demo “One Billion Lights” launched in 2001.
The first Cd “Fantastic Darkness” was released independently in 2002 and in 2007 they released the single “Mirror of the Decade” and then the more recent Cd ” Fear of Time” released in 2012, having excellent acceptance in the specialized media.

The album “Fear of Time” received a video clip for the track “One Billion Lights” which was produced in the studio Coffee with Guarana Movies and directed by Marlon Delano !

So now 2017 the new album “Resilience”.  On this album the band shows all the power of traditional Heavy Metal.
The perfect production of the album transcends the full potential and skills of the band ! On the Cd there are some special contributions of other great musicians !
Names like “Tim Ripper Owens”  (former lead singer of bands such as Judas Priest and Iced Earth) , Hibria’s “Iuri Sanson” frontman , longtime friend “Dan Loureiro”
(ex-Confiteor and currently in Ynys Wydryn) , and the writing duo of Write Me a Letter “Clarice Pawlow” and “Renan Fontes” !

“Resilience” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Revolusom Studio and produced by Marcos Franco, Dan Loureiro and Tchandala.

“The Flame” kickstarts the album – a fast song with amazing guitars and a catchy chorus. A great song in the traditional heavy meatl style…it’s like I’m 16 all over again !
Twin guitar licks , great solo’s , omg !!!
“Labyrinth” is a track with lots of rhythmic changes and diverse techniques…The double base drums keeps on rollin’ almost the complete song !!
Primal Fear has a song “Metal is forever” well if this song  isn’t metal than I’m no metal fan !!
“Valley of Greed” begins slowly but soon changes into a more aggressive track ! Here Hibria’s vocalist Iuri Sanson shows us what he can do with his amazing vovals !
Amazing solos in this song !!
“Lamento do Velho Chico” – (Velho Chico is a nickname given to the São Francisco River) – a prelude to “Tears of River” that is an ecological manifest to the problems because of the human misfortune with the nature !  A great song with some traditional instruments at the end of it !
“Echoes Through the Fourth Dimension” unites the beautiful vocals of Clarice Pawlow and Renan Fontes !
“Flatland” is again a straight forward heavy metal track with all the elements necessary ! A great song that handles modern day issues like the fact that everyone knows it better than the other…people see only one side of a person and judge on that !! Facebook is full of such situations !
“Shadows” is if it was written about me !? The last year I feel almost no more than just a shadow , living day by day , crawling further hoping to get somewhere !?
The only thing is that I will survive all this ! Great track with amazing lyrics !
“Father’s spirit” is sort of a part 2 of the previous Flatland where things seem to change for the better and there’s time to reflect on the past !
“Caesar” with legendary vocalist Tim Owens in the most direct song on the album,
the last part of the song “Take me away from this pain , Give me hope , give me strenghth to live again” — Seems a simple sentence but there’s so much power in these words !!
The track also highlights again the skills of drummer Pablo Rubino. This man keeps on going , bashing and pounding his drums !!  Amazing !!!
“Resilience” the title track of the album played in true Judas Priest style. A powerful track with a perfect description of the choices man make.
And closing the album is a beautiful acoustic version for “Echoes Through the Fourth Dimension” showing the skills and versatility of the band. A perfect end to a great album !

Tchandala is a great band , performing the music they like with the highest possible perfection.  Music played from the heart by those who know the subject and are skillfull enough to do it !!!
If you’re a fan of true heavy metal then this is for sure an album you simply must buy !!
These guys deserve all the support you can give them !!  Tchandala is a true gem for the Brazilian metal scene and for all lovers of good quality heavy metal !
For fans in Europe that would like to buy this album just contact the band on their official facebook page or by sending e mail to Dejair Benjamin (you may also contact me for this)

View the lyric video of the song “Resilience” here !


1. The Flame
2. Labyrinth
3. Valley of Greed (Ft. Iuri Sanson)
4. Lamento do Velho Chico (incidental)
5. Tears of River
6. Echoes Through the Fourth Dimension
7. Flatland (Ft. Patricia Sandes)
8. Shadows
9. Father’s Spirit
10. Caesar (Ft. Tim “Ripper” Owens)
11. Resilience
12. Echoes Through the Fourth Dimension (acoustic version by Write me a letter – Renan Fontes and Clarice Pawlow)