Tchandala – Resilience
Release: T.B.A.

The band Tchandala is another victim of the neglect and lack of respect of Brazilian companies with their customers. Like most of the independent Rock – Metal bands in Brazil,
the group follows the path of the independent release and the entire bureaucratic part also falls into the hands of their musicians, as well as the entire financial cost.
This time for the production of their new album “Resilience”.   The band who has a career of more than 20 years also had the help of their fans who bought pledges in a kickstarter campain. Everything was going well until the disk went to the factory, the last step !

For the manufacturing of the album the band chose São Paulo company “MCK” (with a history of almost 30 years in the business). It seemed to be the logical choice.
Well….they couldn’t be more wrong !!  With endless conversations and excuses, the company has been delaying and postponing all the deadlines that it gave itself so that the disks could be delivered to Tchandala !  Even with the payments of the service being done on a regular bases !!??

With this being said the band now gives the public and especially their fans and friends who helped through the collective financing a big apology for this delay.
They are already doing their best so that the discs could be delivered later on this year.
The band also informs that they will take MCK’s disrespect and false statements to court !

Words from Dejair Benjamin:  “We sincerely apologize to our friends who have supported us throughout the “Resilience” release, but it was something we did not really expect at all !!
We already sent the album to another factory now, with money taken from the pockets of our own families, who guaranteed us the delivery of this material”

“Once again we inform you that a lawsuit will be filed against “MCK” which did not honor its commitment in a timely manner !
We will ask for restitution of the amounts being paid and compensation for the inconvenience this all caused.”

The Cd is incredible and we can not wait to share it with you”   Soon a new official release date of “Resilience” will be announced !!

Until then you can listen to an acoustic version of the song “Echoes Through The Fourth Dimension”    The track will be released as a bonus on the album !!


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