Dead of Night – The evolving science of self
Release: 23-03-2018
Label: Pride and Joy music

“Dead Of Night” are a five piece Symphonic rock band with members from various parts of the UK.
Formed in 2013 by composer Carl Eden as a vehicle for an album that he had in mind at the time, and with the release of The Dead Shall Rise” in 2014 they began receiving much critical acclaim.

Following on from the success of this self-released debut album the band went on to re-record their first album under the title “The Dead Shall Rise Again”.
This was accompanied by their first live performance at The Railway – Bolton, UK, which spurred them on to continue gigging across the UK.
Their second release titled In Search of Ancient Magic” saw progression and them reaching new heights in terms of what Dead Of Night are capable of.
“The musicianship is absolutely outstanding and this band is knocking on the door of the Premier League indeed they may already be there.”, says Dave Smith of Ravenheart Music.

“The Evolving Science Of Self” is the name of their new album which was produced, mixed and mastered by Carl Eden at The Creative Room in Manchester, UK.
Carl comments:
“This is our fourth studio album and, I think, our strongest so far. The title comes from that fact that we are really interested in consciousness and perception and the way that science and spirituality are starting to overlap. Plus, if you read the lyrics, it all sounds like a session on the psychiatrist’s couch”  The artwork design was handled by Graphyx.

Words from Heinrich Rohrer:
“Over the past four years we have shared ‘Ghost Stories’, travelled to ‘The Other Side of the Rain’, and now, we invite you to ‘Set the Night on Fire’
We can’t wait to share this new and exciting chapter with you”

“Science means constantly walking a tightrope between blind faith and curiosity; between expertise and creativity; between bias and openness; between experience and epiphany;
and between ambition and passion – in short, between an old today and a new tomorrow.”

If you like melody married with power, emotion joined with passion, then you have to listen to this amazing band !


1. Here Come The Metal Men
2. Seraphim
3. One For The Moon
4. For I Am Music
5. Set The Night On Fire
6. The Six Steps
7. Someone’s Calling You
8. Home
9. Invasion
10. When The Nightingale Sings
11. I Will
12. Onward

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