I ‘ve been realy looking forward for this special evening with 4 great bands on the bill , all of them with new albums out , 3 of these bands are with the same label (Napalm) except Secret Rule (Pride & Joy)
Thanks to Mike from Hardlife promotion and Napalm records I go the chance to witness this amazing evening and interview 3 of them.
Biebob wasn’t sold out , due to several other gigs that same night !

First on was “Secret Rule” from Italy. The band plays melodic metal and has 3 albums out so far !
The band was quit new to me and I had only heard their latest album “The key to the world” of wich they performed 6 songs !
Some minor technical issues at the beginning but for the rest the band played a great set and were a nice opener for this evening.
And I for one was truly impressed by the remarquable voice of the beautiful Angelo Di Vincenzo ! Great voice and great looks are a perfect combination !

Setlist Secret Rule:
The Key
The Song of the Universe
Empty World
Secret Place
The Saviour
Imaginary World
Lost Child
Trip of Destiny

Next on was “Sleeping Romance” who were also from Italy ! They play more symphonic metal and have 2 albums out so far !
I interviewed these guys in the afternoon and they were realy eager to play live and perform songs of the new album “Alba”
You can read the interview here on my website in the interview section !
They got the same half hour as Secret Rule and played 5 songs of the new album. You could see they had fun on stage especially the energetic Federico Truzzi (Guitar) ! Frederica was not so energetic but that’s why she getting sick by the flu. This was a bit noticable at the start of the set but got bettre towards the end.
Frederica has a strong operatic voice that suits the music very well !! Hope to see the band live again in the future when she’s not sick !!

Setlist Sleeping Romance:
Overture – Twilight
Where the Light Is Bleeding
Lost in My Eyes
The Promise Inside
My Temptation

Next on were “Visions of Atlantis” from Austria but first the stage got a complete change over due to the placement of stage atributes and frames with the new artwork !
I spoke with Siegfried Samer in the afternoon about the tour and the band (interview here on website).
I’ve been a fan of the band since day one and to honnest since so much happened the last years that I feared for the excistance of the band.
But now watching this almost complete new band on stage is truly remarquable , V.O.A is back full force ! The band played a powerfull set of 8 songs (5 of the new album “The deep and the dark”
Clementine also got the flu like Frederica (even worse as I could see) and she said she was sorry for her “Frankenstein” voice , but this was hardly noticable when she was singing !
As leading lady of the band she gave an amazing performance and mastered the stage !
The combination of Clementine together with Siegfried was just perfect , and when they announced to perform “lost” (the one track that actualy made me become fan of the band)
well…………I couldn’t be happier that moment ! 😉
It was amazing to see the band back on stage and this time I hope they are here to stay for good !

Setlist Visions of Atlantis:
The Deep and the Dark
New Dawn
Book of Nature
Ritual Night
Silent Mutiny
The Grand Illusion
Passing Dead End

Last band on stage was the mighty “Serenity” also from Austria who were here to promote their latest album “Lionheart” !
Earlier I spoke with Christian about the tour , the new album and other things (interview here on website) and I was very anxious to see the guys play live again !
Serenity is well known as a great live band with the very charismatic Georg as the voice of….this man has no problem what so ever getting his fans in the right mood !
For me it was the 6th time I saw the band and just when I thought these guys couldn’t become any better than the last time…..well they easily blew me away with their amazing ste tonight !
As a special guest tonight they brought Melissa Bonny (Evenmore,Rage of light) with them and it was a delight to see her and hear her perform live !
There was some kind of special magic on stage when she & Georg performed together on stage.
About halfway the set chairs were placed on stage and this can only mean one thing ! Acoustic set !
No tricks , no special effects but just pure , clean vocals and acoustic guitars. I actualy got goosebumbs all over watching the band perform 4 amazing songs with “When canvas starts to burn”
as an absolute highlight for me !!! Pure perfection was shown on stage and I was simply speachless then !
After this great moment the band got back into higher gear with 4 more songs including the amazing single “Lionheart” !!
I thought that was it for this evening but the crowd kept on shouting for more and so the guys came on again for some more and I think they saved these last 3 songs especialy for this moment !? “The final crusade” , “Legacy of tudors” and the truly amazing “Velatum” !!

This was one of the greatest nights so far this year for me ! Seeing 4 great bands on stage in a special evening all giving the best of what they got (despite of the flu some got).
Maybe this was also a bit due to the fact that this was my first gig as live reporter / interviewer / promotor for my own website.
Well whatever the case may be if it was up to me there may be more of such evenings to go to ! Flu or no flu I will be present !!

Setlist Serenity:
Deus Lo Vult
Spirit in the Flesh
Coldness Kills
The Matricide

Acoustic Set:
When Canvas Starts to Burn
Engraved Within
The Fortress (of Blood and Sand)
Rust of Coming Ages
Serenade of Flames
Follow Me

The Final Crusade
Legacy of Tudors
Outro (Stand and Fight)