Inner Core – Soultaker
Release: 06-04-2018
Label: Echozone

It all starts in the core !
This is what the ambitious symphonic metal band “Inner Core” from Germany has been spreading through their music to the outside world since 2013.
This core is surrounded, sustained and embodied by the five musicians Anna Rogg (vocals), Massimo Giardiello (guitar), Artur Schall (keys & vocals),
Ricardo Echeverria (bass) and Stefan Zimmerling (drums).

Ten songs were produced in the Spacelab Studios by Christian “Moschus” Moos and mastered by well known producer / musician EROC – the birth of the first studio album “Soultaker”.

Self-composed and written songs set a fire of melodious keyboard sounds, catchy guitar solos and fevered rhythms to the core.
Anna’s powerful voice gives every single song a distinctive touch and soul.¬†Born out of a fresh joy of playing, the charismatic voice of Anna and an excellent production,
a variety of different songs will captivate the listener and make them look forward to the band’s live shows.
Inner Core – an impressive mixture of classic, rock and metal elements !

Watch the video for the track “Snowstorm” here !


01. Soultaker
02. Sweet Addiction
03. Snowstorm
04. Crucified
05. Keep The Distance
06. Screw That
07. Blame
08. Monsters
09. Ghost Dust

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