Sirenia – Arcane astral aeons
Release date: 26-10-2018
Label: Napalm records

Two years after “Dim Days Of Dolor” mastermind Morten Veland presents the ninth Sirenia album:
“Arcane Astral Aeons” once more reflects the Norwegian`s love for title alliterations and succeeds in infusing the darkest night with the brightest colors.
Who could resist a symphonic, unbridled opener like “In Styx Embrace”?
Singer Emmanuelle Zoldan`s ethereal mezzo-soprano voice connects all 11 varied and spirited compositions:
the insanely melodic “Into The Night”impressively showcases her abilities and flows into the catchy “Love Like Cyanide” that`s not even afraid to employ a small handful of black metal trademarks.
Danish producer legend Jacob Hansen managed to harmonize Sirenia`s more soothing side with edgy metal sounds and delivers a perfectly balanced wild ride. The most compelling release so far courtesy of Morten Veland !

You can watch the video for the track “Into the night” here !


01. In Styx Embrace
02. Into the Night
03. Love like Cyanide
04. Desire
05. Asphyxia
06. Queen of Lies
07. Nos heures sombres
08. The Voyage
09. Aerodyne
10. The Twilight Hour
11. Glowing Embers

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