Black Rose – A light in the dark
Release: 17-04-2018
Label: Sliptrick records

The brand new album from Swedish melodic hard rock band “Black Rose” is called “A Light In The Dark” and contains 10 songs in the melodic hard rock / metal vein.
It features the trademark sound of the group, built around recognizable distinctive riffs and catchy and powerful choruses.
In fact, Black Rose have taken these calling cards and made them even more prominent on this release.
The album covers a wide range of styles from song to song, from fast, hard driving tracks to mid-paced and heavier entries.
As with past releases, the Black Rose style of music has always stayed strong and constant, even though different music-trends have come and gone since the band began.
A Light In The Dark shows the band in control and at the top of their game, 10 classic hard rock tracks delivered with an 80’s inspired metal sound.

Watch the video for the track “We come alive” here !


01. Sands Of Time
02. Hear The Call
03. Carry On
04. We Come Alive
05. A Light In The Dark
06. Web Of Lies
07. Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over
08. Powerthrone
09. Don’t Fear The Fire
10. Love Into Hate

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