Agusa – Agusa
Release: 27-10-2017
Label: Laser’s Edge

Swedish psychedelic/progressive rock alchemists “Agusa” present their third full-length album, and second for Laser’s Edge, simply titled ‘Agusa’.
The band was formed early in 2013, when Tobias Pettersson and Mikael Ödesjö, former members of Kama Loka,
recruited Dag Strömqvist and Jonas Berge for their early 70’s progressive rock project.
In the summer they (Tobias & Mikael) went out to the countryside where Dag lived, a place called Agusa (really only a loose gathering of houses in the forest).
They had an inspired long jam session there, and it was a perfect warm and sunny summer day, so of course we had to call the band Agusa !
In the autumn they went into the studio to record the 1st album “Högtid” , that was released on vinyl and digital media early in 2014.

After a handful of gigs during the winter, Dag decided to leave the band to travel around India for a while. The band auditioned a number of drummers,
and eventually asked Tim Wallander from Magic Jove to join them.
In the beginning of 2015 they went into Studio Möllan again to record their 2nd album, planned for release late spring/early summer 2015.
They asked a friend , Jenny Puertas, to record some flutes, and liked it so much that they asked her to become a part of the band !
The band had their first gig with Jenny in March 14th !

In 2017 Agusa had a lot of auditions for a new organ player, to replace Jonas, who left the band. Jeppe Juul then joined the band.
Agusa was recorded and mixed by Viktor Rinneby and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Bob Katz, and completed with art by Danilo Stankovic and design by Peter Wallgren.


1. Landet Längesen
2. Sorgenfri
3. Den förtrollade skogen
4. Sagor från Saaris
5. Bortom hemom

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