Grand Design – Viva la paradise
Release: 20-04-2018
Label: GMR Music group

4 years after their last release “Thrill of the night” , Grand Design are finaly back with great news !!
The band started out in 2009 and their mission was to bring back the songs and sound of eighties rock back into your media players and back onto the big stages.
They have 3 succesful albums out so far and now the band is finally back with a new album that is sheduled for release april 20th , 2018.
Pre orders are already available on the bandcamp page of the band !

The band also signed a new deal with Adrienne Hawe music management.

The band just released the first video for the song “Face it” – you can watch it here !


1. Face It
2. Rawk N Roll Hysteria
3. Viva La Paradise
4. Don’t Ice Me Out
5. Aim For The Heart
6. I Would Be The Wind
7. Love Shouldn’t Hurt
8. Straight From The Heart
9. Too Late To Fall In Love
10. U Can’t Fool Love

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