Streamline – Streamline
Release: 2017

“Streamline” (formerly known as Diamond Dawn) in association with Phonofile proudly presents the digital release of Streamlines self titled debut album.
Starting with the release of the first three singles “Freerider”, “Barely 
Runnin'” & “Talk It Out” on July 20th 2017, the album will be made available on digital platforms worldwide over the following month.
Building on influences from a century of great bands and artists in the world of rock Streamline set out to create something inspired yet new and exciting. The band was put together by experienced and acclaimed musicians on the Gothenburg scene and was completed by the addition of a grand voice from the north before heading on to the club scene in Sweden. A great deal of attention was attracted and the band has gained a reputation as one the country’s foremost live acts with their competent song writing and explosive shows that leave no one without an impression. The debut album consists of eleven bundles of pure rock intensity and the band has managed to produce an interesting variety of styles among the songs through years of writing and playing. Fans of classic rock, blues rock and action rock will not be disappointed as this hurricane of big riffs, strong vocals, furious organs, heavy basslines and pumping drums is unwrapped before them. Now is the time for Streamline to let world in on the fun and release what’s been worked on for some time.

You can listen to some tracks on the bands soundcloud page !


1. Freerider
2. Barely Runnin’
3. Get What’s Coming
4. Save Me
5. Blind
6. Pay The Price
7. Talk It Out
8. 2nd Street
9. Deliver Us
10. The Good Samaritan
11. No Rest For The Vicar

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