This review is very personal to me because in the past year I’ve got to know the band and especially Renato Costa, not only a great singer but by now also a great friend.
Renato my friend this one is for you, hope to meet you soon sometime:

My story with Still Living begins almost the same as it did with Marenna (review here also) I think it was october 2015. I saw some info about the band on a Brazilian website where they were highly recomended…the guys just had their 2nd album “Humanity” out by then !
Before I even heard one song I already started looking where to get this album but at that time it was almost impossible to find here (Belgium) and import prices were sky high !
After a few weeks I just contacted the band on their facebook page and the next day I got message from Renato Costa with al info I needed. By then I only heard a few songs and couldn’t wait to hear the full cd !  It took a few weeks to get to me but man this was worth the wait big time !
10 songs + 2 bonus tracks filled with well written,sollid AOR/Melodic rock songs !

The cd kicks in with “Flying High” – a well arranged catchy song with lyrics that will stick in your ears for days to come.
Renato immediatly impresses me here with his vocals ! And there are still 11 songs to come !
“Signs” is a killer AOR song filled with layers of keyboards and Renato’s amazing voice that makes me dream away to the 80’s when all great music was made !
This song will make all your dreams come true ! AOR played by the numbers !!
“Murder of Crows” is a more european sounding melodic song, reminds me a bit of spannish 91 Suite ! Great guitar playing here by Eduardo Holanda !!
“You Remain Alive” is an amazing song with a bluesy guitar sound…a ballad so beautiful and touching it almost brought tears to my eyes !
Eduardo Holanda again shines here with his superb guitar playing !
“Humanufactured” is a great song that’s more guitar oriented. Listen to the lyrics on here, about how our the world is changing.
“Stolen Prayer” 80’s keyboards mixed with distorted guitar .
on “Shelter” I’m taking a huge trip down memory lane again, a song performed with so much emotions (be sure to also watch the videoclip).

I was personally touched very much by the greatness of this song !!
“Eyes” is a stunning song with an amazing piano intro that transforms into an amazing power ballad, again reminding me of better days and where Renato proves once again to me how remarkable his voice is. If you’re an emotional person be sure to sit down while listening to this song. This is for sure one the highlights for me !!
“Way Back Home” again brings me back to the 80’s with lots of keyboards and a great guitar solo !
with “Rock ‘n Roll Thunder” I immediatly thought ‘Whitesnake’ !! Classic hardrock with sollid guitar playing and Renato singing with a slight roughness in his voice.
first bonus “Hollow Man” is more of a semi ballad , a bit of a strange song with heavy lyrics that will make you think about things…
I had to listen a few times to this song with a deeper sound !
The album closes with “Surrender” a beautiful ballad with acoustic guitar this time and where yet again Renato shows to me how beautiful and versatile his voice can be !

On “Humanity” Still Living shows excellent musicianship, well-crafted and extremely melodic ! Almost all the songs have that great 80’s vibe in it.
All this combined with Renato’s excellent singing make’s this to one of the greatest discovery’s I’ve did in a long time ! These guys know their music !
You can hear they play their music by heart; songs filled with emotions, great guitar playing, huge keyboards where needed and a very good production.
Another proof that Brazil and more specific “Still Living” are very capable of making excellent AOR music !
Very recomended to all 80’s, AOR music lovers worldwide !

With the album out for almost 1 year now the band recently signed by new label “Rockcompany” in the Netherlands so that “Humanity” gets a better worldwide distribution.
So everyone better be sure to keep an eye on these guys because I’ll bet you for sure that they will impress the whole world with things to come !
I for one can’t wait for new songs !!!

Extra info:

Previous releases “From Now On” (2012) – now remastered and with 1 bonus song !
For info contact band through E-mail here !

The band provides a free download for their new EP “The History Of Singles”.
In this promotional edition, are the singles released amongst 2012 and 2015 ! Enjoy !!   Download here !