Still Living – YmmiJ 
Release: 2017
Label: …….

I’m very proud to present to you in exclusive premiere the cover and tracklist from the upcoming new album from Still Living !
The band is in final stages with work on their 3rd album called “YmmiJ”.
This time the band made a conceptual album ! The story on the album is about a common man “Jimmy” who’s full of doubts, regrets and blame…..
so he gets mad before the mirror of the balcon starts to have reveries that tell the story of his life. He talks with himself, but he thinks he’s talking to an other man.
He doesn’t realy recognize himself….

The amazing cover is made by a great Brazilian artist “Marcio Abrue” (well known name worldwide) and his partner “Vinicius Townsend” !!

The new album is expected fall 2017 , but all details about release date and how to order asap here on rock files promotion !!


01. Reign of pills
02. On the edge
03. Call of the night
04. Dusty blue shadow
05. Listen to me !
06. The man I’ve become
07. King of nothing
08. Haunted
09. Peace or pieces ?
10. Who are you ?
11. Mr. mirror
12. I.M. Jimmy
13. …Jane
14. Cult of the rough awakening
15. In the dark /As shallow as it gets (Instrumental)

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