Light Among Shadows – Under the waves
Release date: may 2018
Label: Prometeo records

Light Among Shadows is a female fronted symphonic metal band created in late 2010 by the guitar player Adrien Fowl.
The style of the band is inspired by fairy tales and horror stories.
A horror show, fairy tales and symphonic metal. That’s “Light Among Shadows”.
Listening to their music is stepping into a world where nightmares and fairy tales come to life. Founded by Adrien Fowl in 2011,
their first album “At the Gates of Dawn” was released in 2011. Thanks to this album, the band toured throughout Spain and supported important
national bands such as Saratoga. In 2012, their second album “Welcome… Back !” was regarded as a huge leap forward for the band.
Now Light Among Shadows come back with ‘Under the Waves’, a new album with Maria Barragan as their singer and a stronger,
renewed image.

You can watch the video for the track “In the dark of dreams” here !


01. An Intimate Voyage Toward Extinction
02. A Frozen Heart
03. The Lonliest Road
04. Don’t Look Back
05. Deep Blue Sea
06. Under The Waves
07. Leaves In The Wind
08. Winter Of The Worl
09. Do You Remember The Monsters
10. A Survivor Is Born
11. Into The Storm
12. In The Dark Of Dreams
13. Blood And Thunder

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