Solitude Within is a Belgian female fronted band that combines classical music with Hard Rock and Heavy Metal and gives it a modern touch.
In 2014, singer and keyboardist Emmelie took the lead in compiling the band and in 2016, the band made their first number online and managed to draw attention.
That has led to the first full-time long-term player who recently came out.
You’ll find Delain, Nightwish, Evanescence, Evergrey and Therion influences in their music. Emmelie has a nice warm voice that’s clearly different than many of her colleagues.
The debut shows the start of a young band in development. Clearly, love and passion have been working on the music, which often produces good songs.
I see a lot of potential for the future of this band !


Emmelie Arents – Vocals & keys
Jean-Paul “JP” Laffargue – Guitar
Johan Van Criekingen – Guitar
Quincy Van Overmeire – Bass
Ashley “Ash” Ysewyn – Drums

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