Ginger Likes – Style over substance
Release: august 2017
Label: Independant release

Ginger Likes from the Netherlands make Old fashioned, high energy sleazerock like in the good old days of  Kiss and Motley Crue !

You can hear the influences of especially the Seventies and eighties are very good alive in their songs.  With influences of Van Halen , Kiss and other great names !!!
What ‘s also very typical for the band is the raw sound !!  Instead of a smooth, tight production, they sound very raw , but not over the top !!!
The album is full of nice catchy melody’s and dito choruses.  This music is meant to be played live !!!

You can watch the video for “Raise the horns” here !


01. Welcome to rock & roll
02. Trust me
03. I’m no angel
04. In it for lust
05. When the drugs kick in
06. Raise the horns
07. Memory’s good
08. I want the world
09. My enemy
10. Join the party

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