Sebastien is a progressive / symphonic metal band from the Czech Republic formed around 2007.
Metal from the Czech Republic you might ask , well if you know that this country is based on Germany and Austria, it can not be a real surprise that symphonic metal crosses the borders.
In the meantime, the gentlemen are releasing a third album and because of their previous work the expectations are high.

And they fulfill those expectations immediatly with the opening track:
“Act Of Creation”, also the title track has a progressive intro and the beautifull vocals gave me a great “Serenity” feeling.
But hey….Austria … we’re bound to find some same elements. Great vocals with strong musical power metal support. Immediately a number one hit for me !
On the second track , the up-tempo and progressive “No Destination” the band introduces singer Kristýna Dostálová !
Pay also good attention to the nex track “Wake Up”, wich is a nice quiet song supported by the backing vocals and keyboards.
Also the track “Amy” lags inconspicuously but is nevertheless a great track.
Back full speed ahead with “Evermore”. This track consists out of several musical layers. Power metal with a dark progressive undertone & even some grunts in it.
The song is slow, although the musical rhythm is quite high. Pure magic !
Next is the cheerful “My Empire” that is laced with lots of melody and has the same vocal variation as the previous track.
But these sturdy rockers also have a softer side that we get to know in the ballad “Queen From The Stars”. Love this one !
The catchy “Winner” starts slow, but gains pace and strength. Mayo Petranin (Signum Regis) was called in to help with the vocals. Another top track !
“Heal My Soul” is again a track that has two faces. On the one hand the quiet one but on the other the more powerful one.
On the next track “Promises” with guests Vendula Skalová as support on backing vocals and Djordje Eric who takes care of the strong & excellent guitar work , a very nice powerballad with Kristýna Dostálová back again and on this track she creates a fragile atmosphere with her vocals.
“Die In Me” has again excited guitar melodies , here Apollo Papathanasio’s (ex-Firewind) powerfull vocals supports the rhythmic drum and shaking guitar.
“Full Moon Child” is also a track that has again remarkably many positive similarities with Serenity.
The tempo and rhythm has many fluctuations throughout this disc and on the next track “Hero” the band steps on brake for last time.
Pay attention to the very beautiful vocals, often only supported with keyboards.
To conclude a final ballad “V síti štěstí” with acoustic guitars, sung in their native language (Czech).  (V síti þtÏstí wich means something like: In the network of fortunes)

So in the end this is an amazing new album by Sebastien ! More than 1 hour of very strong vocal performances on beautiful compositions in a mix of styles.
All perfectly performed by the band & perfectly produced by George Rain, Petri Kallio and Andy Mons.
They have clearly thought about their music and that was clearly heared in the 14 tracks on here.
The combination of powerful songs with ballads works pefectly. Lovers of today’s power metal have a firm grip here !

For those who still don’t know the band , I recomend this amazing song in Czech language “V síti štěstí” !! Watch it here !


01. Act of Creation
02. No Destination
03. Wake Up
04. Amy
05. Evermore
06. My Empire
07. Queen from the Stars
08. Winner
09. Heal My Soul
10. Promises
11. Die in Me
12. Full Moon Child
13. Hero
14. V Síti Štestí (Bonus Track)

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Review by Andy G. Maelstaf !