“ScaRveD” is a four-piece female fronted rockband from Belgium who’s main goal is to keep the classic rock spirit alive in their very own and particular way. ScaRveD started in september 2012.
They make a lot of musical trips throughout musical history.

Caro – a Rocksinger by heart and soul ! Her musical career started actually in the dance scene about 20 years ago.
As a young singer she was discovered by record company EMI and scored two modest hits with dance-project “K-line”. Afterwards she found out there was a whole new world out there,
one which would never let her go ! Her powerful voice found the ideal match with the Rock and Metal music. Let yourself be guided by the warmth and strength of Caro’s Voice.

–  Luc – was the founder, lead guitarist, songwriter and inspirer of the legendary heavy prog- Rockband “Tails Blue”.
Later on he was responsable for the guitar-work in various Rock- and Bluesbands. For many years he has played in a very succesfull coverband. He also often works as producer in the studio .

Wowie – started his career as the lead guitarist of a heavy metalband called “Oracle”. Later on he switched to the bass guitar. In the eighties, he was the bass player of the band “Tails Blue”.
When they split up, he grew as a bass player in several musical projects. Wowie and Luc Vandessel played together in a succesful coverband and dropped out at the same time.
From now on Wowie and Luc both gave their heart and souls for our Rockband ScaRveD !

Geert – took off as a talented youngster immediately. He played his first gig as a drummer in the band “Politicus of Experience”, together with Luc Vandessel,
on the stage of the Vooruit in Ghent as support band for “Suicidal Tendencies”. Geert grew up to become a respectable session drummer.
He has already worked together, as a freelance drummer, with several bands and artists from the Rock – Metal- and Jazz- scene.
Geert plays also the drums with the famous Dance-formation Praga Khan with Maurice Engelen.

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