Last Performance – Allegiance to fall (2017)
Release: 07-05-2017
Label: Independant

“Last Performance are representatives of the Russian symphonic-matala. Appearing in 2008, the group immediately chose the style and direction of sound.
The composition was recruited almost immediately and it should be noted that for the eight-year history of the band, it changed very rarely.
Work on the debut album lasted for several years, which allowed the musicians to fully realize all their ideas and wishes, to experiment with the sound and sharpen each side.
The music of Last Performance is a mixture of hard high-speed guitar riffs combined with a powerful keyboard atmosphere and melodic female vocals.
For a long time the group worked with several keyboardists, until the collaboration with the symphonic arranger from St. Petersburg Kate Sergeeva, which wrote all the orchestrations to the album, began.
After successful work with Catherine, the group takes one of the most important decisions – to abandon the live keyboard parts and use symphonic arrangements in concert and studio work.
The debut album ‘Allegiance To Fall’, which in Russian means ‘Devotion to the Fall’ is now released.
The main emphasis in the music of Last Performance is made on a combination of hard high-speed guitar riffs with powerful symphonic arrangements, live choir and melodic female vocals.
The conceptuality of the album is expressed in texts filled with reflections on the essence of the world, the inner struggle of man with himself and the consequences of choice.
A heavy sound skillfully combined with the emotional and lyrical component, which is most fully displayed in the long epic compositions on the album. ”

You can watch the video clip of the song “Allegiance to fall” here !


1. Timeless (Intro)
2. Collapse of Empire
3. Under cover of Darkness
4. End of Pretense
5. Alone with the Wind
6. Crossing Times
7. Black Sun
8. Dreamcatcher
9. Awake
10. The Far side of the World
11. Allegiance to Fall

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