Little Neon – All that glitters
Release: 11-08-2017
Label: Independant release

Little Neon is brand new rock band from The Hague, Netherlands, started by singer Harrison Young (US) and guitarist Justin Pursey (NL).
The two met in 2012 while touring the world with German rock legend, Doro Pesch, working side by side in many different situations every day.
As a result, they began to view the world in the same way both in reality and in metaphor.
Out of this friendship came songs of redemption, songs of longing, songs of turmoil, and songs of triumph.

With the help of drummer Koen Herfst (Armin Van Buuren), guest guitarist Paul Quinn (Saxon) and mastering engineer Mika Jussila,
the two quickly turned these important song ideas into an equally important album.
Little Neon’s debut album “All That Glitters” is a trojan horse for a new generation – bright, shiny, and refreshing on the outside with a deep and meaningful center,
asking the listener to look closely at their lives and their place in the world.

Watch the video for “How to explode” here !


1. The Jump
2. How to Explode
3. Endless Summer
4. Red Sky Falling
5. All That Glitters
6. 7. Dead Horizon
8. Tightrope Walking
9. Another Day
10. Hey World

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