Pleasure Maker – Dancin’ with danger
Release: 23-03-2018
Label: Steelheart records

“Pleasure Maker” was created in 2001 in Rio de Janeiro as a follow-up to a Bon Jovi cover band by the name of New Jersey.
The intention was to produce a sound mix combining technique, melody and good choruses, while updating the Rock N Roll sound of the eighties.
Main influences in the case are Winger, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Duran Duran and Danger Danger.

The mix of a striking vocal with well-worked guitars and strong choruses permeates the band’s albums “Love On The Rocks” & “Twisted Desire”

Now 2018 the band proudly announces their 3rd release “Dancin’ with danger” via Animal records.  Recorded during 2017, the Cd was composed and produced by the guitarist Alex Meister.
The mixing and masterizacao was in charge of the talented Henrique Canale ( Tales From The Porn)
The release is scheduled for March 23rd.  Steelheart records’ version (for Europe and Japan – 500 copies Limited Edition) will have one unreleased bonus-track called “She’s Gone Too Far”.

Stay tuned for more info asap !!

Here’s a small teaser-clip, waiting for the first video to be released next week !

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