Originating from Sweden, these four musicians form the new melodic metal band “Rexoria”
Although sometimes “metal” is taken for granted, some songs on this debut go towards melodic rock. And that is absolutely not a negative thing !
The album starts with an intro, where we are introduced in the mysterious world of Rexoria.
Next is “Stranded”, which gives a good impression of the true sound of this band.
“Queen Of Light” is a song with beautiful clean vocals. The song takes the edge of rock and metal, although the guitars sometimes sound a little too harsh for me.
“Hurricane” provides variety with a shredding guitar. Nice here are the quiet slower pieces with vocal delights.
But also “My Spirit Will Run Free” that is slower, more loaded and more passive at the start of the song.
“Song By The Angels'” is a great ballad where you can hear some folk influences, like in “Voice Of heaven”
“You’ll Be Alright” , “The Savior” & “Way To Die”, are the best songs on this album for me. Pay also good attention to the screaming at the end of this last song.
Again proof that you don’t always need schredding guitars and such to make a good album. Frida Ohlin is responsible for a large part here because her voice really makes a difference.

The guitar work of Jonas Gustavsson & Cristofer Svensson is more than excellent but don’t expected schredding guitar solo’s here.
The drum sticks are in the good hands of Martin Gustavsson (Brother of Jonas I think).
Some of songs on the album are so catchy that you’ll find yourself humming them over and over for the rest of the day.
As for a debut album Rexonia have made a great disc with some songs that just make that little difference to pass the mass.
Although they have only been working for about a year, they already played together with Bloodbound, Battle Beast and Crystal Viper , just to name a few.
I would not be surprised that Rexoria will show up in my 2017 end-of-year list !!
While reading this you can listen to the amazing song “Voice of heaven” here !


01. The Land In Between
02. Stranded
03. Queen Of Light
04. Voice Of Heaven
05. Way To Die
06. Song By The Angels
07. Next Generation
08. The Saviour
09. Hurricane
10. My Spirit Will Run Free
11. You’ll Be Alright

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Review by Andy G. Maelstaf !