Great music nowadays comes from almost all over the world , I’ve learned a lot in the last year about bands from Brazil , Argentina & Chile to name just a few !

But here we have an amazing project from Peru called “Revlin Project” ! This project is in it’s entirely composed and produced by Nilver Pérez
(a just 20 years young prodigy) who plays also keyboards in various other bands (Arise to Heaven , Ex:ilio , Verqserek……..)
With the additions of various singers from several countries such as Jordi Castilla (Spain) , Harold Waller (ex Supremacy Colombia), Rodrigo Marenna (Brazil) ,
Renato Costa (Brazil) , David Fernandez (Colombia) or Zico Franco (Peru) among others you get to hear a surprisingly good album !!
I also love the fact that the songs are half in Spanish , half in English language so that brings more variation in the whole cd !
With Nilver as composer of all songs you might that the focus here will be on the keyboards , but that’s not the case here , and that’s a good thing !!
I should describe the music of Revlin Project as melodic hardrock with great AOR influences.
The Cd was produced by Solar Empire Record and by Nilver Pérez himself, with the mixing and mastering done by Aquiles Solar (an exceptional musician who also plays guitars , bass , drums).
The amazing artwork is done by Ricardo Esteban and Alex Mendieta Castro !

After an amazing intro (lot’s of key’s here) the album starts with
— “Sólo Tú” where you immediatly hear that Nilver masters his instrument extremely well , an energetic song with well balanced arrangements , sung in Spanish by Jordi Castilla.
I also love the guitar parts played here !
— “Vive” again sung in Spanish by Sairon Solano has a more melodic approach to it. Sailon’s voice has that typical Spanish touch , I just love this !
— “Llevame a ti” sung by Ziko Franco and with beautifull keyboards at the start is a great 80’s style song and is accompanied by excellent guitar playing.
— “Enamorándote” with David Fernandez on vocals is a very beautifull ballad with acoustic guitars. The song is a mix from European melodic rock combined with traditional South American elements.
— “So alive” again with Ziko Franco on vocals (this time in English) and I must say he sings even better here ! Just listen to the song and let it take you away to a time where great
melodic music was made !
— “Te sueño en silencio” with David Fernandez is another semi ballad with a great chorus and again with great guitar playing !
— “Recuerdos” with the amazing voice of Ricardo Esteban is a more rocking song compared to the others. One of my favorite songs on the album , it has everything from great guitars to solid drums !! Listen to the guitar solo in this song !
— “Pantheismum” even kicks into a higher gear with David Fernandez singing with a high vocal range ! Uptempo , heavy guitars , high energy song !!
— “Nova” stays in that same style with a heavy uplifting tempo and solid drums. Still very melodic but with many touches of old style metal in it ! (you can even hear a double bass drum here).
— “Hasta el fin” is the Spanish version same of the last song on the album “Til the end” , an amazing AOR tune sung by both Sairon Solano & David Fernandez.
This song again makes me drift away to the years long gone when this music ruled !!

Bonus tracks are:
— “Live again” (Rodrigo marenna) and “Keep holding on” (Feat. Harold Waller) both are English versions of the songs “Vive” & Sólo tu”.
Both songs have that European sound and both Rodrigo and Harold are the best choice here as vocals.
I do prefer Rodrigo’s voice but that’s a personal choise , both are very good singers but the echo on Harold’s voice is a bit to much for me.
And then the last song “Til the end” , only on the European version of the album , this is the best song on the entire album. Sung by my friend Renato Costa , he sounds simply stunning here !
I’m not just saying this because he is my friend , just listen for yourself and you’ll agree with me !! His voice has matured a lot in the last year but here I’m almost lost for words !
Pure AOR bliss played to absolute perfection ! Both Nilver and Renato gain my deepest respect !
Nilver surely knows his music and has surrounded him with very good musicians who all have the skills and the tallent to make this album sound above average !!
You may rest assure that I will follow the future career of this young promising artist who composes and plays the music that I like most.
A great album, worthy of applause, and hopefully gets a follow up in the future !!

For Europe the best way to buy the album is through the Bandcamp page of the band or by sending e-mail to Nilver here !


01. Intro
02. Sólo tú
03. Vive
04. Llévame a ti
05. Enamorándote
06. So alive
07. Te sueño en silencio
08. Recuerdos
09. Pantheismum
10. Nova
11. Hasta el fin
12. Live again (bonus track)
13. Keep holding on (bonus track)
14. Til the end (exclusive european bonus)