Fabulae Dramatis – Solar time’s fables
Release: 30-09-2017
Label: Independant release

Fabulae Dramatis was formed in 2011 in Antwerp, Belgium. In 2012 they released their debut album “Om”.  Now 2017 they finaly release their eclectic second album “Solar Time’s Fables”.

The band was formed by Isabel Restrepo (vocals, sitar, harmonium) – Hamlet (bass and vocals) and Daniel Díaz (guitar and bass) who also write the bands tunes.
Their current line-up also includes Isadora Cortina (vocals) – Maxime Moreira (drums) – Wesley Beernaert (vocals).
As well as collaborations with some brilliant international guest musicians playing violin, cello, accordion and djembe to name a few.
Together they combine the intensity and volume of progressive metal with more soft, lyrical, classical themes.
The sound is influenced by a range of world music and instruments such as the sitar, harmonium and tambura. Lyrics in the music often focus on short stories or fables.

Fabulae Dramatis prides its style on a “union of ideas, experimenting with diverse cultural and musical influences combined into one project”.
Their music has been described by Classic Rock Society magazine as having “deep thought and insular attention” paid to it with “the spirits of Zappa and Beefheart”.

Here you can watch a short interview with the band at JH Den JOC (Olen) by my friend   “Jan Vervaeke” 


01. Agni’s Dynasty (Fire I)
02. Stone
03. Heresy
04. Sati (Fire II)
05. Sirius Wind
06. Coatlicue, Serpent Skirt (Earth)
07. Nok Terracottas (Mud)
08. Forest
09. Roble para el corazón (Wood)
10. Smoke For The Clouds (Ahuirán’s Water)
11. Barren

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