Signum Regis – Deccenium primum
Release: march 2017
Label: Independant release

Signum Regis hailing from Slovakia was formed in 2007 by bass player Ronnie König.
The band choose to use Jesus Christ and Christianity in their songs to bring hope to a otherwise turbulent world. Their sound is within the melodic/neoclassical metal scene.
Their brand new independently released “Decennium Primum”, which is Latin for The First Decade,
brings this type of positive emotion to a world that seems to be fracturing before our very eyes.

Decennium Primum is one of those albums that grow on a person the more they listen to it.
Even power metal fans that subscribe to more of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy subjects or the horror and science fiction subjects that dominate the genre.
Decennium Primum explores subjects of the Old Testament and 1st Century AD Christian church.
Although not a ‘Concept Album’, there is still a common thread or theme throughout the album. Decennium Primum is also the band’s fifth official studio album.
Signum Regis come in the same vein of other Christian based power metal bands like Narnia, Golden Resurrection, Theocracy and Teremaze.
However they still have their own unique distinctive sound that keeps them from being clones of those bands I just mentioned.
Decennium Primum is a total brilliant example of that.

Watch the video for the song “Damnatio ad bestias” here !


Decennium Primum
Unfold The Mystery
Damnatio Ad Bestias
Screaming For Justice
Kingdom Of Light
The Future King
Well Deserved
Thunder And Rain
Train To Neverland
A Psalm Of Life

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