Revlin Project – Dimension
Release: 08-05-’17
Label: MMX productions

Revlin Project is a Peruvian Melodic Rock project , founded by keyboardist and composer “Nilver Pérez” of the city of Caraz – Ancash – Peru in 2015.

Nilver composed all the music on this amazing album !!  All songs are AOR / Melodic rock style !

The album is made with the collaboration from many artists :

Ziko Franco (Perú) – So Alive y Llévame a Ti
David Fernández Cely (Colombia) – Nova, Pantheismum, Enamorándote, Te Sueño En Silencio y Hasta El Fin
Jordi Castilla (España) – Sólo Tú
Sairon Solano (Colombia) – Vive y Hasta El Fin       Facebook
Ricardo Esteban (Colombia) – Recuerdos
Harold Waller (Colombia) – Keep Holding On
Rodrigo Marenna (Brasil) – Live Again

Sairon Solano (Colombia) – Choirs and second voices in “Recuerdos”
Harold Waller (Colombia) – Mixing and Mastering in “Keep Holding On”
Johan Acevedo (Colombia) – Guitar Arrangements and Choirs in “”Keep Holding On”
Rodrigo Marenna & Arthur Apple (Brasil) – English version of the song “Vive” -“Live Again”

The album will be released through Solar Empire Records on May 6th in Peru and May 8th for the rest of the world !
You can order the album at the bandcamp page  or send message to MMX productions on their fb page !


01. Intro
02. Sólo tú (Ft. Jordi Castilla)
03. Vive (Ft. Sairon Solano)
04. Llévame a ti (Ft. Ziko Franco)
05. Enamorándote (Ft. David Fernández)
06. So alive (Ft. Ziko Franco)
07. Te sueno en silencio (Ft. David Fernández)
08. Recuerdos (Ft. Ricardo Esteban)
09. Pantheismum (Ft. David Fernández)
10. Nova (Ft. David Fernández)
11. Hasta el fin (Ft. David Fernández & Sairon Solano)
12. Live again (Ft. Rodrigo Marenna) (Bonus track)
13. Keep holding on (Ft. Harold Waller from Supremacy) (Bonus track)

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