This is the 2nd album from Tunesian progressive metal band Persona ! The band is fronted by the lovely Jelena Dobric !
Immediatly from the beginning of this album you ‘ll hear that this one is much heavier than the firts album !
12 perfectly crafted and performed progressive tracks with almost in every song grunts , combined with the unique voice of Jelena and excellent guitars this is a huge step forward for the band !!

I always have a little problem writing reviews for new albums , especialy the harder genres that are out of my comfort zone !
I’m more of a talker than a writer….
I’m very passionate about the more melodic oriented genre but I do listen to lots of other stuff to !
I discovered the band on the internet about 1 year ago , so their debut was already released by then !
I immediatly heard something I liked very much and that is the use of native instruments in their music , a mix of oriental meets metal !
I only know 1 other Tunesian band who does something like that and that’s “Myrath” , but Persona is slightly more progressive !
I knew then I had to keep track of this band ! So now 2017 the new album “Metamorphosis” is as I said definitly a big change !
The songs are more agressive , more extreme , simply more metal….almost all the songs have now grunts/screams in it and…..hold on there’s a bigger surprise……
the grunts are all done by Jelena !!!!
The album title “Metamorphosis” here is a more than perfect choise for the new album !!

Where are the oriental influences ? For me just that what I liked so much about the band is gone ?  Yet , the new agressive approach suits the band very well !
With all the compositions heavier and more extreme the grunts add a whole new layer to the songs !
For me this sounds almost like a complete other band. Awesome guitar playing by Melik Melek and Yosi , accompanied by solid drums & bass !!
Despite the fact that the oriental influences are as good as gone the band still adds it’s original touch to the songs.
Jelena’s voice has become even better than on the first album , and she switches from grunt to clean vocal range and back just like that !!
Listen to the song “Bête Noire” and you’ll hear I’m right !!
Powerful lyrics , all very well written.
I for one am extremely impressed by the improvement the band has made ! Do I like it you ask ? Well I actualy love it !!!!! (reminder that I normally listen to melodic rock)
The songs are heavy and agressive but you can’t overlook the amazing tallent that is present in the band !
This is once again a band ; from a country where you might not aspect such agressive metal music ; that proves very clearly that awesome music can come from all over the world !
If you’re into this kind of music this is a must buy for sure !

One week after the official release I was lucky to see the band perform live @ Femme 2017 in Eindhoven !
This was the bands debut in europe and also the first time they played the new songs live , but instead of being extremely nervous they actualy looked very relaxed and did their show as pure perfectionists do !
Live the new songs sond even better ! Jelena shined on stage with her singing (and grunting) !
The band had the best crowd of the whole day at the festival and truly deserved an outstanding ovation by the crowd !
I can’t wait to see the band again live (that would be 3 days later in Lens)
Support these guys and buy the cd , I’m sure they will surprise us in the future with more amazing songs !


01. Prologue – The initiation
02. The omen of downfall
03. Esurience guilefulness omnipotence
04. Armour of thorns
05. Netherlight
06. Bête noire
07. Invidia
08. Hellgrind
09. Credence
10. In memoriam
11. The seeress of triumph
12. Epilogue – The final deliverance

Here you can watch a very small interview done by my friend Jan Vervaeke at Titans Club (Lens) !