Ignea – The sign of faith
Release: 16-02-2017
Label: Independant

Ignea was started in Kiev, Ukraine back in 2011 under name Parallax. Intentionally, it was the first Ukrainian band to play oriental metal. The band, however, didn’t limit itself to strict boundaries of oriental metal, and included elements from symphonic, industrial, modern, progressive and other modern subgenres of metal.

In 2013 the band recorded  its debut EP “Sputnik”
In 2015, the band finally changed its name to Ignea and released a new work called “Alga”, named after a war call of Crimean Tatar people.
Alga is the first ever original song from a Ukrainian band, recorded with a full symphonic orchestra.

On february 16th, Ignea released its first full-length album “The sign of faith“. The album has a considerably heavier sound,
with lots of growls and authentic middle-eastern melodies, common for oriental metal genre. However, the music keeps his melodic fundamentals.
Half of the album is pierced with the ideas of religion and despite provocative songs, Ignea carries the idea of peace !


01 – Şeytanu Akbar
02 – Alexandria
03 – Petrichor
04 – Theatre of Denial
05 – Jahi
06 – Halves Rupture
07 – Last Chosen by You
08 – Alga
09 – How I Hate the Night
10 – Leviathan (Ultra Sheriff Cover)

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