In 2008 Steve Newman released the album “Decade” on the occasion of his band’s tenth anniversary.
In the meantime we have moved 10 years further and “Decade II” is a logical successor. This time it has also become a double album.

The first Cd contains 17 songs from his albums that he released between 2007 and 2015.
We start with the rough sounding “Hero to Zero”, which means as much as a kick in your ass. So we know directly what we are going to get.
We get many rock songs where the tempo is usually high and the guitars hold sway.
You notice that the band has evolved over the years but has retained its mark on the qualitative numbers.

Noteworthy are the songs “Feel Her Again” and “Stay With Me”, thanks to the strong melody and guitar work.
The song “Scar Of Love” also deserves praise for the power it emits.

The second disc contains unreleased material and 6 tracks from his album “Aerial” from 2017.
An up-tempo riff sets the opener “Breaking The Barrier”. “Girl Found Love” connects with strong vocals.
Some nice swinging rock songs alternate with a few ballads, which sometimes grow crescendo to power ballads.
Songs like “Into The Deep” shows a nice combination of musicians.

The vocals are always very elaborated, refined through refined guitar work and supported by keyboard.
Overall we can state that rhythm and melody remain a decisive characteristic,
but it is mainly the arrangements and the coherence of the songs that make it a fascinating combination.
This collector will give a good overview of the beautiful compositions, vocals and guitar work that Newman has been known for over a decade.


CD 1:                                                                                CD2:

01 Hero To Zero                                                           01 Breaking The Barrier
02 Heading For Your Heart                                       02 Girl Found Love
03 Ghost In The Night                                                03 Liar
04 Feel Her Again                                                        04 One More Night With You
05 Stay With Me                                                           05 Fight No More
06 The Elegance Machine                                          06 She’s The Woman
07 Killing Me                                                                 07 Nightmare
08 Primitive Soul                                                         08 Angel
09 Endless                                                                     09 World Keeps Turning
10 Fire With Fire                                                          10 In Too Deep
11 Scar Of Love                                                             11 The More I Love
12 15 Minute Revolution                                            12 Crossed My Heart
13 She Walks In Silence                                              13 A Witness To Love’s Decline
14 Under Southern Skies                                            14 Does It Feel The Same ?
15 Had Enough                                                             15 Race Of A Lifetime
16 Tumble Down                                                          16 Never Becomes Again
17 For The Man I Am                                                   17 My Fantasy

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Review by Andy G. Maelstaf.