Here we go ladies and gentlemen  !!!  Enjoy “Lazer Tooth Tiger from the upcoming new Ep “Dinosaur Warfare”  !!!

Band comments:

“Our guitarplayer Flo came up with the songtitle when we were messing around with stupid songnames for the ep,
and a laser shooting tiger was definately a topic we always wanted to sing about, haha !
Lazer Tooth Tiger is probably the happiest song we´ve ever written, but nethertheless a very strong one !!!
Haters gonna hate us even more for this, but for our mighty Dinosaurriors it´s the perfect anthem to march into battle !!!”

The new Ep “Dinosaur Warfare – Legend Of The Power Saurus” will be out on January 26th via Massacre records !

Prepare to be amazed !!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you…..

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