Eastern High – Garden of heathens
Release: 06-08-2017
Label: Independant release

The Swedish metal project/band Eastern High was created early 2016 by Ola Svensson and Johan Svensson, two brothers who always finds it interesting and inspiring writing music together.
Since 2010 was Ola and Johan both members of the band Wasted Shells until the breakup in December 2015.

Under that period of time they collaborated with the other members of that band and released two full-length albums and a EP and the music took them to stages such as Sweden Rock Festival. Eastern High wants to continue on the same track as Wasted Shells but with a slightly different approach to the writing and the sound. Eastern High wants to experiment a little bit more and combine elements from a wider range of music. The debut album was released in august 2017.

You can listen to the song “Garden Of Heathens” here !




1. Bottled Insanity
2. Eyes of Heaven
3. Evil Inc.
4. Ghost of the Sea
5. Garden of Heathens
6. Clandestine Hunger
7. The Pretender
8. Afterglow

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