Rian – Out of the darkness
Release: 22-07-2017
Label: Melodicrock records

Rian is a melodic hard rock band from Stockholm, Sweden.
The guys have spent the last year working on their debut album ‘Out Of The Darkness’ with producer Daniel Flores (Mind’s Eye, Find Me, The Murder of My Sweet).
Frontman Richard Andermyr was a fan of Daniel’s work and wanted to see if he could imagine mixing their recordings. After listening to the demos,
he instantly understood the potential and said that he was ready to not only to mix, but also to produce and record their album.
The result is ‘Out Of The Darkness’, a powerful, melodic hard rock record that is filled with hooks, harmonies and a gritty edge that gives them an original sound.
Their influences are many, including Bon Jovi, Chicago, Dokken, FM, Gary Moore, Giant, Journey, Metallica, Skid Row, Toto, Van Halen, Warrant, Whitesnake and Winger.
Richard Andermyr discovered his songwriting skills in the late 90s. In 2000 he moved to the USA for studies and teamed up with metal band Black Prizm.
Back in Sweden Richard formed the hard rock band Whisperwave,
who reached the finals in the Emergenza Festival 2 years in a row and were invited by Europe’s Ian Haugland to play live on the Swedish radio station “Rockklassiker”
The guys rehearsed and recorded demos in Richard’s basement; in the beginning of 2016 they started to see a strong album forming. They were right.

Rian’s powerful debut album will be released worldwide on July 22nd via Melodic rock records.

The video for Rian’s title track “Out Of The Darkness” can be watched here !


01. Out Of The Darkness 05:26
02. In A Dream 04:57
03. Time Of Your Life 03:36
04. Out Of My Mind 04:15
05. Remember 04:31
06. Shaping Fear 04:56
07. Hide Away 04:21
08. In The Night 03:38
09. All The Time 04:59
10. Burn The Love 04:21
11. Pain 03:26

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