Rain or Shine – Seize the night
Release: 27-04-2018
Label: Lions Pride music

Rain Or Shine is a promising new melodic hard rock band from Greece, which was formed in 2013 by Steve S.R. and Andy McCormick.

Steve S.R. is a musician, a producer and a sound engineer, who started getting involved in music in 2003. His studies included classical guitar, electric guitar and piano as well.
He was a member of different bands of the melodic hard rock scene such as: ”Perfume” , “Sex-Rated” , “Backstage Love” etc.
Their shows got awesome reviews from their audience and the press at the time.
Andy R. McCormick is a drummer and percussionist, who participated in a lot of different projects as a session drummer and also was a former member of “Wild Machine”.
In 2013, Steve decided to write his first whole album. Andy R. McCormick agreed to record the drums and the percussion and Steve played the bass, the guitars,
the synthesizers and sang in the album. Aurora T.N. , Jb Sleazy and George Karpouzis also took part in recording the backing vocals in the album.
Finally, Steve mixed the album and sent it to “Online Mastering Stockholm” in Sweden, where it was mastered by Chris Snyder. Andy and Steve decided to name the band “Rain or Shine”
and the debut album “Seize The Night”.

The album was released in 2014 digitally through Bandcamp and the band was in search of a record deal. They also released a lyric video for their single “Seize The Night” in May 2014,
as well as an acoustic version of the song “Believe” in July 2014.
In 2015, the band commenced composing the songs for their second album aiming at a more aggressive and commercial sound.
The band got in the studio in 2016 for the recordings of their second album while in June 2017 they signed with Lions Pride Music for the physical and digital release of their debut album,
“Seize The Night” which will be released on March 30th via Lions Pride music.

You can watch a lyric video for the track “Seize the night” here !


01. Fool’s Paradise
02. It’s A Crime
03. Believe
04. Heartbreak
05. Seize The Night
06. Don’t Go
07. Spell I’m Under
08. Don’t Give Up
09. All That Really Matters
10. Believe (Acoustic Bonus Track)

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