Earth For Sale – Reset
Release: 11-05-2018
Label: Anderstein music

“Earth For Sale” is a five piece pop-rock band from Milan (Italy) formed in 2014. After a few months of studio rehearsal the band started working on the debut album “Reset”,
mixing several different music styles from classic rock to modern and world pop, from synthesizers to rock and classic guitars, to orchestral strings, accordion and theremin.
The name Earth For Sale aims to focus attention on social and environmental issues, these are recurrent in the lyrics of the album.
“Selling the planet to someone who will be able to take care of it”, this is the message and the key concept behind Reset,
a blank page where the musicians involved have been free to express their emotions without any interference.

The album is sheduled for release on may 11th through Anderstein music !

You can already watch a video for the track “Life” here !


10. Reset
02. Wild Is My Heart
03. Life
04. Psycho Love
05. Alive
06. One Light Year
07. Tango
08. Guinevere
09. Sky’s Fallin’ Down
10. Amnesia (days steal by)
11. The Night When You Love Me

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