H.E.A.T. – Into the great unknown
Release: 22-09-2017
Label: Gain/Sony music

Sweden’s melodic rock legends H.E.A.T are storming back with their hugely anticipated new studio album ‘Into The Great Unknown’
on September 22th through Gain/Sony music.
The band was formed in Upplands Väsby, Sweden in 2007 and is heavily influenced by melodic rock groups like Whitesnake.

After a year and a half of solid songwriting (with guitarist Dave Dalone back in the fold) the band went to Thailand to record an album at the Karm Sounds studio
with award-winning Swedish producer Tobias Lindell.
The result is an heroically ardent and fluorescently impressive collection of songs.
“During the making of this album, I think we all felt a little bit like astronauts going off into space for the first time…” said guitarist Dave Dalone,
about the recording process. “We set out on a journey not knowing what we would come back with, or even if we’d make it back…
Somewhere along the way the pieces began to fall into place. There’s just no point in doing the same album again-and-again when it comes down to it,
you want to make the songs shine to their full potential, and if that includes bending the rules of the genre or crossing paths into unknown territory, so be it.”

Watch the video of the song “Time on our side” here !


01. Bastard Of Society 03:50
02. Redefined 04:19
03. Shit City 03:51
04. Time On Our Side 03:53
05. Best Of The Broken 04:32
06. Eye Of The Storm 03:41
07. Blind Leads The Blind 03:22
08. We Rule 05:45
09. Do You Want It 04:05
10. Into The Great Unknown 07:24

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