Sanctorium – Tessellation of the universe
Release: 08-04-2017
Label: Gravitator records

Sanctorium is a symphonic metal band from St-Petersburg, Russia.
Their debut album “The depths inside” was released in 2014 !

Fans of dark music appreciate the contrast of cold memorable female vocal with a colorful male growl,
classic mix of heavy guitar riffs with delicate keyboard parties, and symphonic arrangement with the atmosphere of the songs.
With the amazing vocals of soprano Daria Zhukova combined with growls and screams by Sergey Muraviev.
Musicians get their inspiration in different mythologies, legends, history, ancient civilizations, philosophy and mysticism, which is reflected in english texts-paintings, painted in deep tones.

Wathc the new video “Kaleidoscope” from the album here !


01. Absorbed by Umbra
02. Chronos
03. Sons of Heaven, Maids of Earth
04. Choronzon
05. The Threads of Fate (feat. Thomas Vikström)
06. Name of Rose
07. Nuclear Song
08. The Rain
09. Shaman’s Curse
10. Caravan
11. Kaleidoscope
12. Heterogeneity Creates…
13. The Rain (acoustic bonus track)

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