Band members:

Mr. JSD – Lead Vocals
Mr. A. Myst – Guitars & Backing Vox
Mr. Demolition – Bass & Backing Vox
Mr. Pervert – Drums & Backing Vox

Mr. Myst was established in 2013 by no other than Mr. Atticus Myst himself. According to Mr. A. Myst, it was about time to give the Flemish rock scene a serious kick in the butt.
He quickly hooked up with old buddy and vocalist Mr. JSD to check whether they could find common ground. When Myst plugged in his guitar and started cranking some tunes,
thunder and lightning struck. So heavily that Mr. JSD was blown out of the window. This day saw the rebirth of rock and roll.
And the cradle would rock in Ostend, the Queen of the Belgian seaside resorts.
Mr. JSD soon conjured up bass player Mr. Demolition. As a true rock and roll hero Mr. Demolition blended perfectly with this motley crew of rough rockers.
Mr. Animal would be bombed skinbeater and Mr. C would play the second fiddle named guitar.
Mr. Myst was a full-blown band now ready to unleash the spirit of sleazy glam and punk over Flanders. This quintet soon infected the Flemish rock scene with mayhem and perversion.
Women threw themselves at their feet while the men boozed and partied as if the world was about to collapse (not noticing that band members were fondling their wives in the meantime).
At the end of 2015 Mr. C had left the band to fully concentrate on his job as a tattoo artist(Demiror). No big deal for Mr. A. Myst – so he just played all guitar parts himself.
In September 2016 Mr. Animal left the band as well, just before a run of show at the end of the years. But the thought of cancelling these shows did not even spring to their sick minds.
Mr. A. Myst himself acted faster than his shadow and immediately got in touch with Mr. Pervert.
The forecast of even more sex, drugs and roll in his life was so appealing that he immediately joined the band.

Press contact:

Jeckyl & Hyde
Oostende, Belgium
0032 473 280909

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