Mr. Myst , Sleazy Rock ‘n’ Roll all the way from Ostend Rock City (BE) are back with their second album !
The band presented their debut in 2016 with their self titled album “Mr Myst” and proved us that there’s more than just trash or death metal bands in Belgium !
Something that I as a melodic rock fan found very appealing !

It’s never an easy thing to review an album if you know the band personel ! What if it’s no good……………….
Well not to wory it is……………great !!! It’s a 5 track Ep this time filled with great rocking sleaze tracks that appeal to the imagination !
The music speaks for itself , great solid sleaze rock performed with style and love for the music.

First track,
“Stand up” is a nice kick in the face old school hard rock song ! The first thing that strikes my attention if you compare this to their debut album in 2016 is the superb production !!
This is a huge step forward as far as I’m concerned !
“Red light district”‘ is a nice sing along track with amazing drumsound and some great guitar playing by Mr. Atticus Myst !
“Runaway” has more punch in it ! A solid guitar driven sleaze rock track with nice lyrics. My personal favorite on here !!
“I still standing” is a great version of the Elton John song ! Here the band shows that they are not afraid to experiment with other styles.
This track just shouts to be played live !!
“Sex all day” is a fun glam hard rock track that closes this Ep. Music doesn’t always have to have an important message in it but just about the fun things in life !!

With this new album Mr. Myst delivers a great Ep full of deliciously infectious hard rock tracks. A sure thing for every fan of this music style !
If you liked their debut in 2016 you’re gonna love this one !!!
The guys play at this years “Wildfest” in Belgium as opening band so grab your chance to see them live there !!  (More live gigs on their facebook events page)


01. Stand Up
02. Red Light District
03. Runaway
04. I Still Standing
05. Sex All Day

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