Michael Bormann – Rock Hard
Release: 05-05-2018
Label: Melodic rock records

News from Michael Bormann:

We are in the middle of the first “Michael Bormann’s Jaded Hard” production.
In advance, the previously announced “Best Of Rock Songs” album , Michael Bormann “Rock Hard” will be released May 5th , 2018
A special package (CD, t-shirt, lanyard and autograph) for early birds will be offered until March 31st.


01. Conspiracy
02. I will hold the line
03. Live your life
04. Anymore
05. Life is a miracle
06. I wanna be a rockstar
07. When push comes to shove
08. Come take me higher
09. Won´t surrender
10. It´s only physical
11. Let´s Make History
12. Live and let die
13. Breathless
14. Stand up 2017
15. I´m not your entertainment
16. My favorite time

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