Anna Fiori – In Ohtli Tonalli
Release: 09-12-2017
Label: Independant release

Born on May 29th, 1991, Anna Fiori has become one of the most acclaimed metal singer in her country (Mexico). With 20 years of artistic career, 5 albums as a main singer
and more than 12 albums collaborating with other artists !
She’s most known as the singer of Edenwar (symphonic epic metal band from Switzerland-Spain) but also as a solo artist , she now annouces release of 2nd solo album titled “In Ohtli Tonalli”,
which involves an approach to her Mexican roots.
The new album of the Mexican soloist premieres on December 9th and includes the participation of some of our favorite sirens ; among them Etell Meléndez (Archetype Vocalist)
as a guttural voice on the subject “inhumano” and in the part of the chorus of the whole album was accompanied by Arianna Dheva (Caligatum),
Nitza Oremort (Nostra Morte), Vhiridiana Rentería.

Word from Anna:

In Ohtli Tonalli is an album that speaks of transformation and evolution, I feel like this now, always growing and knowing that there is a long way to go and learn.
I think it is the most mature album of my entire career, because it is very hard working in all areas. I am happy that finally came the moment that for many years I dream,
that is to be able to include a little of the essence of Mexico to include elements of pre-Hispanic music and some passages of lyrics in Nahuatl, or even in a complete song like “Yollotzin” ,
as well as special guests and 100% Mexican producers.
I will continue in the folly and struggle to support what has been done in my country and to support my colleagues, media and audience who want something positive for the national metal.

I have toured in Mexico and around the world giving my own perspective of music and always representing a bit of my country’s essenece.
I have worked with musicians like Christian Vidal (Therion), Timo Somers (Delain), Alfred Romero (Dark Moor) and Fabio Lione (Rhapsody / Angra).
I joined Rhapsody Reunion on their recent mexican tour.
We always do our best to say what we’ve done, but we never say who we are, and I think that’s the most important thing to do.
I am a positive person, empathic and grateful, I´m always in contact with every person who follows me and supports my work.
I support the initiatives of my colleagues too, ’cause we all together can make our dreams come true.
Talking about myself is necessary for this campaign, but I prefer to get your personal messages on my social networks and enjoy a less impersonal conversation”

You can watch an interview with Anna here !

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