Newman – Decade II
Release: 28-09-2018
Label: AOR Heaven

In 1997 Singer, songwriter Steve Newman formed the band Newman and since 1998 have been producing consistently high quality albums
filled with hook laden songs and thought provoking lyrics.
The now, hard to find self-titled album was followed up in 1999 by the awesome “One Step Closer” album.
Continuing the high standard came “Dance In The Fire” and then “Sign Of The Modern Times” in 2000, and 2003 respectfully.
Fans and critics alike began to realize they were dealing with an artist that would evolve and mature with them.
The year 2006 saw the release of “Heaven Knows”, and once again proved beyond all doubt that Newman were becoming one of the top purveyors of
Melodic Rock in the UK. Any doubts about the quality or consistency were cast aside when in 2007 “Primitive Soul” was released to great acclaim.
This was followed in 2008 by “Decade” a double album celebrating 10 years of Newman.
However, not wanting to take the usual route of a “hits” album this was packaged with a second CD containing another 14 unreleased songs which ended up being so well received it was reviewed as a new studio album.
“Decade” may have been a great way for a band to sign off and call it a day, however, not only was this not even considered,
the focus went into producing the next stage of the bands career.
In 2010 “The Art Of Balance” was released to huge acclaim from critics and fans.
The band followed this up with a string of successful live dates including Cambridge Rock Festival, Firefest Festival, and a UK Tour supporting John Waite.
All this was achieved in the face of huge emotional strain after Steve suffered losing both his parents that year.
In fact, as the writing progressed onto the following recording “Under Southern Skies” this AOR Heaven release ended up being a very personal and reflective album for Steve.

2014 saw the re-recording and release of the acclaimed first album as a Limited Edition, This coincided with a successful UK tour with Vega.
More live shows ensued before returning to the studio in 2014 and putting together what would become 2015’s “The Elegance Machine”.
In 2016 Newman embarked on their first UK headline tour which was a great success as well as some other selected dates in Europe.
At the end of the tour Steve took some time late in 2016 to concentrate on writing for a few other artists as well as having 3 songs re-recorded for the
Goran Edman album “Cry Of Dawn”.  It was within these sessions that Steve started to piece together the foundations for his next release.
In 2017 “Aerial” was released, a more classic AOR Melodic Rock feeling album which had tremendous reviews and responses across the globe.
So we turn to 2018, and the 20th anniversary of Newman. Steve decided to celebrate this with “Decade II” following the same format as the first Decade release.


CD 1:
01 Hero To Zero
02 Heading For Your Heart
03 Ghost In The Night
04 Feel Her Again
05 Stay With Me
06 The Elegance Machine
07 Killing Me
08 Primitive Soul
09 Endless
10 Fire With Fire
11 Scar Of Love
12 15 Minute Revolution
13 She Walks In Silence
14 Under Southern Skies
15 Had Enough
16 Tumble Down
17 For The Man I Am

CD 2:
01 Breaking The Barrier
02 Girl Found Love
03 Liar
04 One More Night With You
05 Fight No More
06 She’s The Woman
07 Nightmare
08 Angel
09 World Keeps Turning
10 In Too Deep
11 The More I Love
12 Crossed My Heart
13 A Witness To Love’s Decline
14 Does It Feel The Same ?
15 Race Of A Lifetime
16 Never Becomes Again
17 My Fantasy

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