Hardland – Hardland
Release: 08-09-2017
Label: LO41 records

What do you do when you grew up in a time with music that had a big impact on you and you realize that that type of music is barely played on the radio anymore ?

Well you start composing and playing that music yourself.  That’s exactly what “Hardland” did.
To be honnest , I almost missed this one but thanks to Aeilko Venema (Guitar + vocals) I discovered these guys !!

The band makes modern day rockmusic and mixes it, in their own unique way, with the amazing characteristics of the 70’s and 80’s.
Yes, we’re talking about long hair, even longer guitar solos that sound as if they’re coming from a wall of Marshall amplifiers,
extensive keyboard parts and catchy lyrics that you’ll gladly sing along with.
The songs are as real and original as the band members themselves and cover themes such as happiness,fear, love, helplessness and deceit.
Just as a fortune-teller that lays her tarot cards before you, the songs from Hardland seem at first to be simple and predictable stories.
In reality they invite everyone to their own interpretation…
The band is already busy with the second album that should follow this debut very soon !!?

Watch the video for the song “Hot Gypsy” here !


01. Any Way That You Want It
02. Hot Gypsy
03. Life’s A Bitch
04. Until The Night Is Through
05. Interstellar Traveller
06. Depending On You
07. The Only Answer
08. Under My Skin
09. Say It !
10. Dream Into Nightmare