Kilmara – Across the realm of time
Release date: 31-08-2018
Label: Rock of Angels records

“Kilmara” is a Spanish band based in Barcelona and with its own sound ; a powerful melodic metal and European prog power sung in English.
Collect influences from classic groups such as Megadeth, Gamma Ray, Hellloween, Iron Maiden, Rage, Manowar,
Dream Theater and other more current as Evergrey, Kamelot, Masterplan, Pagans Mind …
Kilmara although they are formed in 2003, after 2 demos they released their first album “Hunting Dreams” in 2007,
self-produced by the band and mastered in Germany with the producer Rolf Munkes with good acceptance of the public and critics.
This first release makes Kilmara nationally recognized and its name begins to sound also internationally thanks to the underground distributions in small labels like the French Brennus music or the Japanese Red Rivet Records.
In 2009, they flew to Slovakia for the recording of their second studio work entitled “Don’t fear the wolf” at Grapow Studios.
The production was carried out by the great musician Roland Grapow.
After touring the classic metal sounds with Don’t fear the wolf (2010), Kilmara evolved into a more melodic and avant-garde heavy in
“Love Songs and Other Nightmares” their third album, which awakens the interest of Mausoleum and Sony Music,
being this last record company who is responsible for its edition under the license of Legacy recordings, this new work confirms them as a solid, energetic and current band, which strongly calls to the doors of the international metal market.
All the recording and production is again handled by Roland Grapow, whom the band considers as part of Kilmara and executes a meticulous work in Love Songs and Other Nightmares to develop this album into a more direct, melodic and fresh sound than it’s predecessors.

Now 2018 “Kilmara” is back with their fourth release “Across the realm of time” , the most important of their career.
This new album is the most ambitious of the band and involves a new musical approach without giving up its past.
You are about to make a musical journey that will surely surprise you, get ready to cross the realm of time !
The album will be released through Rock of Angels records on august 31st.
The band has released a lyric video for the track “The end of the world” , watch it here !


01 – And Into The Realm
02 – Purging Flames
03 – The Silent Guide
04 – The End Of The World
05 – My Haven
06 – Principles Of Hatred
07 – The Forge
08 – Disciples
09 – I Shall Rise Again
10 – Out From The Darkness

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