Founded back in 2012 from the Balfour brothers Ryan and David, Maverick soon could establish themselves in the scene.
With their first album “Quid Pro Quo” they already could tour in Europe together with the Swedish Hard rock stars The Poodles.
The from press and fans very well reviewed second album “Big Red” saw the 5-piece from Belfast/Northern Ireland grow their solid fan base to a massive one !
The new album “Cold Star Dancer” marks a consequent follow-up to “Big Red”.
Groovy and modern played Melodic rock with killer hooklines and well produced by Neal Calderwood in the Manor Park Studios in Belfast.
Some songs saw guest performances from Treat guitarist “Anders Wikström” („Ex Machina“ and „Cold Star Dancer“) and Stormzone guitarist Steve Moore
(Myrmidon“, „Viper“ and „Devil’s Night“).  Until they’ll find a permanent new guitar player Steve Moore will help the band out on live shows.

The album starts with “Dusk” a great intro that slowly gains volume and tempo towards the end.
“Cold star dancer” immediatly makes us aware that we’re in for a treat with this new album. An amazing track , played slightly faster than you might be used to by the band but with a very catchy melody ! This is simply stunning , more like that please !!
“Myrmidon” is the first single of the album and is a fast heavy rock track with amazing guitar playing by Ryan and/or Anders !
“Kiss of fire” is a solid , more groovy track but rocks never the less.
“Goodbye” is the first song that slows the tempo a bit down and has that great 80’s vibe that I like so much ! One of my favorites also.
“Ex machina” gains tempo again and is a great rocking track with amazing guitar performances !
“Magellan rise ” continues in that same great rockvibe.  So far the band realy impresses me with their new songs and prove once again that they can create amazing songs.
But with the next track “Seize the day” the guys realy nail me to my seat ! A killer track that reminds me of many great bands from the late 80’s ! This is absolute my favorite track !!!
“Viper” is a fast heavy track yet still very melodic. Turn op your volume here and let this one blast blast through your speakers ! 😉
“Kings” slightly differs a bit from the other tracks but has some great ‘harmony’ vocals and a great guitar solo.
“Devil’s night” starts with a voice over (Michael Wincott’s character from the film The Crow (1994)” and grows into a great rockin’ track !
The last track then is “Jessie’s girl” , a great cover version of the classic Rick Springfield song !

With this 3rd album the guys realy nailed it when it comes to songwriting ! This new album is again a step forwards for the band !
Singer David Balfour proves here that he is definitly one of the best new singers of the new Hard rock generation and accompanied with his brother,
guitarist Ryan Balfour who played almost all the guitars himself (guitarist Terry McHugh left the band during the production), and is without a doubt one of the upcoming tallents !
David said to me that he was slightly ‘nervous’ for the first reactions on the new album , well I can assure him and all of you there’s nothing to be nervous about !
The guys can be mighty proud about this 3rd album ! In just over 5 years these young lads from Ireland established themselfes amongst the best in the melodic rock scene !
This is a must buy for all fans of melodic rock ! Support this amazing band because they realy deserve it !!!  Respect !!!
I can’t wait to see the guys live again in april (event here on site) and have a drink with them !

For those who haven’t heard it yet here’s the first single “Myrmidon” again !


1. Dusk
2. Cold Star Dancer
3. Myrmidon
4. Kiss Of Fire
5. Goodbye
6. Ex Machina
7. Magellan Rise
8. Seize The Day
9. Viper
10. Kings
11 Devil’s Night
12. Jessie’s Girl (bonus track)

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