Marenna is the solo project directed by composer and vocalist Rod Marenna with music in an AOR / Melodic rock style.
Marenna orriginaly started out as a virtual project in october 2014 with the aim of spreading the music of the singer.
In the three years passed since the start Marenna has released two albums ! In 2015 the band released their first official album the Ep “My unconditional faith”
and 2 years later in 2017 they released “No regrets”, both albums were released by Lions pride music and got excellent reviews from the specialized media.
Now 2018 after those two excellent albums Marenna presents this first live compilation “Livin ‘No Regrets”,
that was recorded in the city of Caxias do Sul, Brazil during the “No regrets tour” in 2016.
The album contains 13 tracks that capture the energy of his current tour with his band formed by Arthur Appel (Bass & vox), Aaron Alves (Guitar & vox),
Gionathan Sandi (Drums) and some special guests like Sasha Z (Guitar), Jonas Godoy (Guitar & vox) and Maurício Pezzi (Keyboards).

The first track “You need to believe” is one of the debut Ep and Rod’s voice sounds realy good live !
“Can’t let you go” from the full album is a nice rockin’ track , excellent for live performance !!
With “Never surrender” , “Reason to live” , “Fall in love again” , “Come back” & “Forever”  you hear a fine collection of tracks all from the full album “No regrets” (2017)
Rod’s voice , with a small accent , sounds good on all the tracks and with his years of experience I guess he is a great frontman !
There’s not much interaction with the fans but this style of music doesn’t realy depent on this !!
“Keep on dreaming” is another track from the debut Ep and close to the end of the set we hear also the 3rd track “Like an angel” of this Ep !
“Life goes on”‘ and “No regrets” are the final tracks here !
So all in all I hear a great band with a good singer , so I’m sure that seeing the band live is well worth to see !!  I for one hope to get the chance in the future to see the band play live somewhere ?
It’s not all perfect but that’s what I like when it’s live !!  Reviewing such live albums is something I normally don’t do because of this imperfections !
But I know Rod a few years by now and he always supported me also with the things I do so Rod my friend this was done for you out of respect and of caurse also because you’re a good friend.


– Intro
– You Need To Believe
– Can’t Let You Go
– Never Surrender
– Reason To Live
– Fall In Love Again
– Come Back
– Forever
– Keep On Dreaming
– About Love
– So Different
– Like An Angel
– Life Goes On
– No Regrets

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